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Our goal was to develop a clamping device which could clamp several rim sizes without retooling. The development of a centrifugal force-neutral system for centring the wheels followed. This allowed us to meet the high demands of concentricity with repeat accuracy.

Cutting-edge light metal alloys are used to reduce weight and shorten the machines’ process times (acceleration and deceleration of the drive spindle).
The main criterion is that no machine retooling is necessary for operation and that the position of the wheel clamped / not clamped can be monitored pneumatically with the machine via the clamping chuck.

The clamping chucks are modular, which allows us high flexibility and allows us to repair single modules if damaged. This saves costs and time.


The Wimmer Werkzeugbau GmbH clamping devices offer the maximum flexibility and over the past decades of field testing, close work with our customers and a long development process we have arrived at our flexible, tested solution spanning 3 inch sizes. A pneumatic support monitoring system checks whether the wheel is correctly positioned on the clamping device.

The flexibility of three inch sizes, no mechanical changeover of the lathe is necessary. This guarantees simple and safe handling.

With its unique construction and the high-quality materials, it is possible to achieve speeds of up to 2,800 revolutions per minute. The longevity and an unsurpassed maintenance interval of 1x per year distinguishes our product and ensures high operational reliability as well as low operating costs. The aluminium casing has an extremely low moment of inertia, which in turn enables very rapid acceleration and deceleration.


Our product is characterised by a number of sophisticated technical features which contribute to achieving the longest possible service life. To take the example of pressure limitation, our clamping device has overpressure protection provided by a valve which protects against excessive stress. Various air filters protect against contaminated compressed air and a hard anodised coating offers optimum protection of the clamping device surface. All moving components are sealed by O-rings (no use of flat slide valves). Centrifugal force operated central lubrication always guarantees the best possible oil lubrication. The use of PTFE guides ensures a long piston rod and piston plate life.

Centring by means of 6 centrifugal force-neutral ball levers (cam-controlled)

Triple clamping finger with carbide inserts and position control

Air monitoring of correct position and tension by means of valves

Pressure control valve for clamping pressure 6.5 bar

Mechanical torsion safeguard of the clamping fingers to ensure safe clamping

Optimum shavings clearance

Hard anodising to protect against flying particles

Oil lubrication

Sealing for wet and dry machining

All seals circular

Clamping piston with Teflon guide

Clamping valve without centrifugal force influence

Testing cylinder sealing without disassembly

Centring systems

There are two different centering systems to choose from for the initial operation. The first is axial centring using pre-cast prisms on the wheel and the second is radial centring using a centrifugal force neutral ball lever. Radial centering is possible either inwards or outwards.


Our clamping devices are available with two options. Option 1 is to increase the speed in order to maximize quantity in series production. Option 2 is for monitoring the clamping finger position, which enhances safety when wheels are inserted incorrectly.

Machine Interface

ASA 11"

IMT 11"

IMT 15"

Clamping Device Data

Clamping device (inch) Total weight max. (kg) Diameter (mm) max. swing diameter (mm) approx. max. speed (rpm) with speed increase
15-17 175 615 694,0 2300 rpm 2800 rpm
16-18 189 665 721,5 2200 rpm 2600 rpm
17-19 191 665 742,5 2200 rpm 2600 rpm
18-20 205 715 768,0 2000 rpm 2400 rpm
19-21 208 715 793,5 2000 rpm 2400 rpm
20-22 217 740 819,0 1900 rpm 2200 rpm
21-23 233 790 844,5 1700 rpm 2000 rpm
22-24 237 790 870,0 1700 rpm 2000 rpm